The reasons of a MERCATO

The MEDITERRANEAN SEA: platform of trades and struggles among different civilizations,
economies, and cultures; a SEA carrying a true destiny in its own name.

Be it either the Arab MIDDLE WHITE SEA, or the Albanian SEA AMONG TERRITORIES. Or the Hebrew Hayam Hatikhon (i.e. the SEA BETWEEN LANDS), or the Berber ILEL AGRAKAL, carrying the same meaning. Our sea – never confined within its own stories yet firmly included in the wider ensamble of the emerged lands of the world; in the heart of the gigantic united Euro/Afro/Asian continent, gains itself the status of a planet of its own, a place where everything circulated in time so that the three continents may be welded for eternity by liquid boundaries.

Here, where men met the greater scenery of their own universal history, where decisive exchanges for the destiny of our civilizations have been accomplished.