Mercato Mediterraneo.

A place of experience, of exchanged flavors, aromas and sounds.
A space without limits where to experience everything.
A crossroad, an intersection of trades and exchanges between different cultures.
A process of common experiences within the evolution of civilizations.
A set of historical and cultural routes.
An opportunity to combine diversity, a route around the Mediterranean.


/Acquiring new perspectives and inspirations
/Getting in touch with important buyers from Italy and the world
/Participating in B2B meetings with operators and end users
/While telling the stories of the products through tastings and workshops

Business reasons and opportunities

Mercato Mediterraneo continues its journey of professional event for operators of the whole Mediterranean food chain, offering them real business opportunities, based on the principles of quality and traceability.

All features of the event will be inspired by this, presentation and comparison will be the factors leading to a successful result. Buyers and professionals can have a in a glance an overview of typical high-quality products from Italy and the Mediterranean countries, while successfully carrying out their business.
Personalized fittings and equipped spaces are available for the companies, in addition to presentations, show cooking and special initiatives aiming to maximize the investment.

The forthcoming edition will also see a training and updating program, a real plus to explore new frontiers of taste and new opportunities, to make products live in an extraordinary market, in the heart of a gastronomic culture that the world envies and asks us to spread.

Exhibitors Profile

/Farming enterprises
/Small, medium and big sized companies
/Public and private organizations and institutions
/Promotion and protection agencies
/Consortiums, associations, organizations
/Representatives, agents, distributors
/Specialised press and publications
/Research and development organizations
/Food bloggers, influencers, new media
/Services, equipment and complements
/Education and professional training

Visitors Profile

/Italian and international buyers from Retail and Ho.re.ca.
/Import/export enterprises
/Retailers, wholesalers, dealers, distributors
/Purchasing managers from GDO and GDS
/Personal shoppers
/Food bloggers and influencers
/Corporate/collectivity purchasing managers
/Banqueting managers
/Purchase groups
/Cuisine schools
/Certification and education institutions

Hosted Buyer Program 2019

Extended and widespread, the special incoming program of selected operators and buyers from all over the world, returns in 2019. Belonging to the most interesting categories for exhibitors, they will be invited according to their proven purchase ability, as part of a program specifically designed for the event. The program will use a special dedicated APP, to which only exhibitors and buyers will have access, allowing them to easily work on profiling and matching as well as to carry out one-to-one meetings. The program will be completed by networking events, insights, special tastings and dedicated seminars, conducted in English.

Agro Food Med

Agrofood Med is the concept that includes all the products
of the Mediterranean food chain.

It will be a dynamic environment of trades on modern and experimental agriculture. A large number of productions and mixtures can be found here, processes that are focuses of discussion about food, especially within the Mediterranean context. A fundamental segment for a reflection about the cycles of production, from agriculture to the table.

The goal? To highlight and get people to know methods and processes that safeguard quality first, for responsible production on industrial, commercial and distributive levels, in order to develop sound commercial trades. Also, MERCATO MEDITERRANEO believes in the creation of a mindful and innovative connection between nature, quality and business that necessarily requires the involvement of key national and international agribusiness distribution networks.

AgroFoodMed will develop four important topics:
OlioMed, an in-depth analysis on ExtraVirgin Olive Oil, the most important product of the Mediterranean and Polyphenolic diet. It will be the meeting place for everything that concerns Mediterranean well-being.
Verde Mare, a green sea, a new way of conceiving sustainability of the Med Sea.
Kaffeina, a cluster dedicated to “Energy”, the caffeine inspired products in Med key.
Fuori Casa, a new Focus dedicated to new and actual “Eatin’ Out”.






Il Fuori Casa


The Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The EVO oil is not only an asset but the key element of the paradigm of the Mediterranean diet. Mercato Mediterraneo dedicates a central role to this product, responding to specific requests from the domestic and international markets: this oil is in fact the most sought-for and requested product by professionals and buyers.

This is why the our event aims to develop the enormous potential of EVO oil, to enhance and make room for excellent productions from the Mediterranean Area that could meet the most diverse needs of consumers from all over the world.

Professional visitors from restaurants, communities, retail and distribution will be able to taste and buy at the fair. Prizes e tastings, events and educational sessions will be an additional attraction to our proposal.


The new roads to Extravirgin olive oil

In a world that discovers the EVO oil, the Mediterranean keeps high attention and focus on the benefits linked to the close relationship between the daily intake of EVO oil and the vital strength offered by polyphenols.

The Polifenolica dedicated session will therefore stimulate discussion on the themes brought to the fore by the protagonists of EVO oil’s high standard production, and by those who have designed new start-ups linked to the theme, disseminated in the various countries of the Med and that operate in synergy with the academic, scientific and political worlds.

Polifenolica will also be the hub for all those productions with high antioxidants intake, such as citrus fruits, tomatoes, some spices, plants, all with extraordinary properties, including also aloe and algae from the Med. Not only food but also superior natural cosmetics, to help us learn and practice fine living in harmony with what the nature of the region offers us so generously.

Verde Mare

The sea inside the MED

The sea inside the MED. The climate issues require today an urgent and rapid vision of the management of the Med, a macrocosm that will be among the most affected by the global temperature rise. Therefore it is necessary to listen to the protagonists of the projects related to the sustainability of the Med, starting from the 2025 objectives of the European Community: meetings and debates that will involve environmental associations, recycling consortia of raw materials and new businesses related to the circular economy as well as the Ministry of the Environment in order to create the continuous exchange necessary for a real cultural growth on the subject.

Verde Mare becomes the ideal meeting place for all seafood sustainable productions so that we can preserve our Mediterranean Sea in its best Green color.


The vital energy of the MED

As the most popular drink in the world, coffee grows in Ethiopia yet it will be the MED countries to get people to know and appreciate this product in all its shades and flavors. A series of meetings to learn about the protagonists of artisan coffee roasters, to meet with the Med “coffee makers”, those who, through fragrant spices, transformed this incredible drink into an important and daily energy supply or with those who have been able to propose it in its purest essence. Or we could loose ourselves in the charm of the Dervishi dances or in the story of Caffè Florian of Venice, the first coffee house in Italy to launch this incredible product.

Kaffeina will also welcome the production of “superfoods” such as chocolate, special chillies from Italy and North Africa and the new avocado crops of the Med. These Superfoods that recently entered the Mediterranean diet as real protagonists, thanks to their interesting nutritional and “energetic” properties.


Another fundamental theme, both for the market and for the traditional commitment of the event in particular, is that of the quality and origin of raw materials.

Starting from the organic raw materials, Mercato Mediterraneo promotes a deepening on grains, cereals, legumes and more, as important sources of nutrients and taste but also on the methods to be used to obtain good foods, well made and healthy. A return to old traditions that offers a message of great modernity, which goes to meet consumers who are increasingly aware.

Il Fuori Casa (Eatin’ Out)

In this focus the quality-business axis that Mercato Mediterraneo wants to promote, in line with previous editions, as an original feature of the event.

The Fuori Casa trend is an increasing phenomenon among consumers: a cultural growth that matches food and wine, enhancing food quality through a new stylish storytelling.

HoReCa operators, professionals and buyers, as well as chefs and banqueting managers will come to learn about products from the Mediterranean lands, to create tasting and experiential routes so to make the Mediterranean diet and its principles, a journey into the journey for tourists from all over the world.

But Mercato Mediterraneo will be also sharing experiences, with training courses and sessions, and successful business case studies: an opportunity to get updated, enriched by awards and presentations.