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In the important scenery of economic development described above, Mercato Mediterraneo 2018 becomes the place of trades, comparisons and knowledge among all those who live and develop their activities in the more ancient of markets.
22 countries within 3 different continents that – through very different cultural elements and trade experiences – give life to the beauty of biodiversity, expressed through products, foods and recipes.

A unique offer from a unique marketplace, made of micro and macro productive realities cradling perfectly and naturally in Mercato Mediterraneo, a dialogue never interrupted, since the times of the Phoenicians to our days.


Italy’s pulsating heart, central by vocation, welcoming yet superb. Rome synthesizes past and present at best, firmly rooted in Europe while stretching out to the Mare Nostrum. Mercato Mediterraneo, taking place in Rome, adds a lot to the simple trade event: the pleasantness of the unique suggestions that make Rome one of the most desired cities in the world.


In a sea crossed by millenniums of trades that shares and unites – through this deep, liquid backbone – the themes of protecting water as a common asset, and the implications of its future management, will be duly represented in the event. From mineral drinking water to the new technology solutions, to the proposals supporting a sustainable future for this essential resource. Water will count on a highly privileged observatory with our event.


Bread&Company, Wine Divine, the Shapes of Milk: these are the great guidelines, the Civilizations that will drive the concept and the path of our 2018 edition. They will interact to recreate a colorful, scented and stimulating universe within the expo, through the exposure of key products of the food tradition of the Area, encased within real business opportunities. All this in an open context, where every production and quality will find proper co location.


Bread&Oil, Bread&Tomato, Bread&Cheese, Bread&Wine… and we could continue like this and quote equally perfect ensembles, tasty and healthy, where grains are protagonists of a wide debate that claims important consideration. Here Mercato Mediterraneo has great potential, staging productions that perfectly picture a macro area of modern and experimental agriculture techniques, that we know so little of.

Wine Divine

France and Italy may be undisputed models of wine production, yet the wines that tell us of the many lands and scents of the Mediterranean will find special exposure in our event, as they represent a true novelty element on the market. Experiences of dynamically conducted “wine tasting” will cross islands, lands and coasts, tracing the new frontiers of wine, preserving yet the ancient origin of this incredible product.

The shapes of milk

If a product can tell more than others the anthropology of the peoples of the Mediterranean, this is milk. In its thousand different presentations, this product is unique nourishment and primary resource. Flavors, aromas, but also healthiness and life itself are preserved in milk: yogurt, kefir and a number of extraordinary dairy products will complete the journey. Also, there will be room to present innovation systems that will enrich the potential of such traditional productions.


Paths and tales to highlight how mixture and exchange introduced in all times healthiness, taste, and harmony. In this section of the event, all products from the Mediterranean, even the more peculiar or less known food specialties and tastes will find in Mercato Mediterraneo a professional presentation space.

Expose yourself

The discussion area of Mercato Mediterraneo. The power of dialogue and of political messages are dramatically contradictory today: quick and dynamic meetings, highly participated, with important actors from the sector but also new and pro-active speakers, ready to commit themselves.